Hello, my name is Jaya Sigot!

I specialize in website design and development.

My career began with a BASc. Degree in Mechanical Engingeering from the University of Waterloo. Being a co-op program it provided experience in various fields of engineering. This experience immensely helped in paving my career path. I quickly discovered my passion for both HVAC engineering and programming. At the time my programming skills were mainly focused on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). After working in HVAC consulting for some time I decided to expand my career and take the Webmaster Program at Seneca College.

I am skilled in HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Dreamweaver, Atom, Github, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery and WordPress.

I’m passionate about programming and meticulous with my design and coding. I enjoy spending my days researching online and learning new ways to improve my programming skills.

If you're looking for a Front End Web Developer to effectively build a dynamic and responsive website for your small business, you can contact me here.

Interested in working on a project together?